Where does spark save its settings?

In an attempt to figure out all my problems (with openfire that is) I uninstalled spark and then deleted the program folder. Reinstalled, launched and it still have my login information filled in from the last time I used before I uninstalled it. Where does it store this information? Not a registry thing right? Some java file somewhere? How can I completelty remove any trace of spark from my client?

Spark settings are stored in each users windows profile in a folder called Spark. The profile folder is of course in your Documents and Settings folder.

We are performing redirection on the my docs folder and the desktop an apparently c:\documents and settings\username\spark gets redirected to
server\redirected\username\spark. Strange that a folder other than docs and desktop is getting redirected as well…


So this is a bug in java? well, add this then to my wishlist for spark and having folders in proper locations. This alone prevents me fro deploying this in our enterprise because the spark settings folder is not in %USERPROFILE%\spark. Its in
redirection\username\spark. Ahs anyone found a way to fix this?