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Where does the reading from the socket happen?


I was trying to figure out where (which class.method()) the data is read from the socket in SMACK, but I got confused by the packet mechanism (is that mechanism described somewhere?). All I want to check if there is any data read at all, and whether that is the correct data.

The reason I want to do that is that I’‘ve modified SMACK for J2ME to not rely on full-duplex sockets (which most J2ME phones don’'t support). Instead of one full-duplex socket I use seperate sockets for reading and writing and a proxy between the SMACK client and the XMPP server. The proxy seems to work, it receives data from the client, forwards it to the XMPP server, gets a reaction from the XMPP server and forwards that back to the client again. Only the last step seems to go wrong. The client keeps waiting for incoming packets while the proxy states it has sent all data.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!