Where is a web client using web socket?

@I am beginner of openfire and xmpp.

I want to make a web chatting application.

So I searched the web chatting data and finally get openfire server and web smack.

By the way, web smack uses adobe flash.

I don’t like adobe flash,because my web chatting application must run at mobile device.

Where is a web client using web socket?

Please help me

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You are probably talking about SparkWeb, which is old, not developed anymore client. There are no web client on this site.

Thank you for reply.

If there are not web client on this site, let me know where is the web client .I think that converse.js is web chat application using xmpp protocol. Is it right?

People are using various platforms for web clients: converse.js, strophe.js, etc. I’m not a developer, so can’t suggest anything.