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Where is Spark source

I would like to add correction to the sauce of Spark.

What should I do for sauce coming to hand?

The Spark source is on our github presence


I was wondering if someone can help me?

Can you confirm this source is for version 2.7.0 and is it stable?

The latest version on your website is 2.6.3 so I am unsure as to what is the latest stable release. If it is 2.6.3 is there a source code for that? Looking on git, looks like only the latest?

Thank You

The sourcecode on github is the latest, version 2.7.0 has not been released yet.


I just wanted to look for the tag for 2.6.3 but couldn’t find it. Got is lost during git migration?


The source file which he wanted to see is 2.6.3.

It has obtained from Github.

Thank you.

It is 2.6.3 that I was searching.

It was found in Github.

Thank you.