Where is the source code for the Websocket plugin

Hi everyone,

First time in this forum. I checked out source code of the release version for OF 10.0.3 . But i found no code related to the websocket plugin at all. I have to install this plugin from the .jar file. It’s got a jar file, so there must be source code for version 3.10. Where do i find that source code?

If you checkout the branch 3.10, you can’t find websocket plugin in the src/plugins/ folder. But it’s there in master branch.

Am i missing something? I need to hack the 3.10’s source code.

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Openfire/src/plugins/websocket at master · igniterealtime/Openfire · GitHub

Thanks CSH But I mean is when i checkout branch 3.10, I do not see this plugin at all. It is present in master branch though

Yes, you’re right, I can’t find it in 3.10 branch either. Probably because @Tom Evans added it after the 3.10.0 release. The plugin is relatively young.

Hi Steve -

The WebSocket plugin uses the new stream management capabilities that will be introduced starting with Openfire 4.0. We implemented the plugin in a way that will allow it to be “dropped in” for existing 3.10.x deployments, but we were not intending to include it as part of the 3.10.x code base (for building, patching, etc.).

If you are comfortable hacking on the code, you are welcome of course to simply copy the src/plugins/websocket folder into your forked branch and have a go. Also, curious if there there is something that prevents you from working with the master code line rather than the 3.10 branch?



Thanks Tom for replying.

I currently have OF 3.10 running already (built from source), integrated with current website. I have a web client (using strophe.js). Initially used BOSH but it kinda saturated my server. So i switched to websocket. I used the .jar file given but apparently it has a lot of errors.

I tried to use the current websocket plugin src code from master, but it doesn’t compile with 10.3 source code. That’s why i want to get the version that was built to generate that websocket.jar file.

Btw, do you know when 4.0 is out?