Where is the source code?

Hi All,

I’m looking for the source code. Where is it?

It is open source right?



Yes it is open source. The code is in svn at http://svn.igniterealtime.org/svn/repos/asterisk-im/

Thanks srt.

I’m trying to find the license terms. The header of most files just says to refer to the license terms.

I’d like to hook in either some LGPL OR Apache Lic’d code, write some and then look at a commercial product.


Redistribute as GPL’d code.


alternate arrangement -

Just can’t find licensing details.

Openfire and its plugins are GPL, Asterisk-Java is Apache 2.0.

What exactly do you plan to do?

I’d like to connect my Siemens PBX to openfire to get presence.

Basically, on a DeliveredEvent set the status to “on the phone” and ConnectionCleared to “available”.

I’ve got a soon-to-be-released LGPL CSTA client to receive call events, so it’s just a matter of replacing the asterisk-java portions?


Is there any chance you can provide a but more detail on your CSTA client. I have an uncompleted CSTA server for Asterisk that it will complement. I am also thinking of replacing the signalling in the Red5 plugin with CSTA, but can not find time to start writing a CSTA client from scratch. I want to investigate what can be done with CSTA over XMPP for 3rd party call control.


Hi Dele,

I’m in the process of releasing it. I’m getting things prepared, but you can eventually follow progress at http://www.opencsta.org

My original intention was to port the server to asterisk, but asterisk-java did a fantastic job I pushed it back (more than a year)

For instance, when a DeliveredEvent is received from the PBX, the client(s) monitoring the extension will receive the event and change the status of the IM to “on the phone”

If you wanna email me off-list a bit, I’m not in a position to release the code yet - just getting the mailing-lists, subversion for more than one person, website, docs and beutifying the code together. Porting to asterisk will be simple with srt’s asterisk-java.

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chris at mrvoip dot com dot au