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Where Offline messages stored?


I’m using Openfire 4.0.2 with Swift client. I sent some message to an offline user and I like to delete it. Where offline messages stored?

Thank you.

In the database. In Openfire: Database Schema Guide ofOffline table. There is no GUI to delete them. You will have to edit the database.

Can you show me how can I do it?

if the username is “test” then can you show me the correct commands?

Thank you.

I can’t, I’m not a db guy. You will have to stop Openfire and then edit your database with a suitable tool based on the type of database. If you are using the embedded one, it is text based. You can open /openfire/embedded-db/openfire.script and search for the messages. You should keep the structure when editing. Of course, do backup first as direct database editing is not recommended.

Thank you.

I found the solution but the problem is that it will remove all offline messages from all users. In MySQL console write:

show databases;

use openfire;

show tables;

delete from ofoffline;

You should be able to delete individual entries. Maybe with Select command filtering out what you need to delete.