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Where to download earlier version of Content Filter plugin?


I’m looking to add the Content Filter plugin to an OpenFire 3.8.x installation which can’t be upgraded yet. The available v.1.7.0 lists OF 3.9.0 as min sys req. Is there somewhere I can download the previous v.1.6.x?


Can anyone share with me a copy of the previous plugin? Please, thanks

for me, i just log into my OF and click Plugins tab, then click the + next to the plugin i want to install under Available Plugins. does this not work for you?

In theory, yes, but current plugins that are incompatible don’t show as available, so unless you’re running OF 3.9.0 or above, Content Filter is not an available option. I need to manually install it to OF 3.8.x. So I’m hoping someone still has a copy of Content Filter 1.6.1 (contentFilter.jar) they can share. Thanks

hmm… well, there’s many plugins still showing for me that are available (i’m still on 3.8.2).

but… you’re in luck, i had this plugin installed already.
contentFilter.jar (17527 Bytes)

Interesting, mine only shows a handful available. But maybe because it’s 3.8.1?

Anyhow, Thanks so much!!