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Where to mail source/i18n patches to?

I found the descriptions in the shared group web UI pretty confusing and created a patch for the corresponding i18n file that should clear things up. Where to submit it to?


sending it to Gato should be fine. Did you also fix the translations or only the English version (;


I certainly speak not all of the nine languages that are supported by Wildfire ;-). I updated english and german texts only. Actually, the german texts for shared groups were not translated anyways but I did that now.

Probably it would be a good idea to create translation interest groups to keep the translations up to date. The people at psi-im.org do that, and it works pretty well.

Hi Müsli,

using vi or notepad is not really nice to translate i18n files.

http://popeye.sourceforge.net/ has some bugs with “long” lines (with trailing ) but I didn’'t find another tool to help during translation.

If someone knows a better one I’'d like to hear about it.


The shared group UI/i18n patch is available here: http://phpfi.com/214181 (public domain).