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Where to put plugin data?

I’‘m working (on and off) on a plugin to dynamically create groups and add users logging in to them based on a set of rules (just IP address globbing for now). Right now I store the group title and matching pattern for each entry in JiveGlobals, but I’‘m assuming this is A) probably not the best of ideas and B) discouraged as JavaDocs states “Jive properties are only meant to be set and retrieved by core Jive classes.” My question then would be does anyone have a suggestion of where to place plugin data when it’'s not just a fixed number of boolean and simple string values?


Hmm… this is a good question. How many entries do you expect to make? If it’‘s a lot, you could always install a new database table. However, that’‘s fairly disruptive from a plugin user’‘s perspective. Another option would be to create your own XML file in the conf directory of Wildfire’'s home directory. The XMLProperties class would help you do this.

Wildfire properties might still be the best option, though.