Where''s Daniel?

Hi folk,

In case you are worried that development seems to have ceased, trust me, it has not. My free time has been zilch lately as my “real life” has had a lot going on. =/ Keep coming with the suggestions and bug reports though! Good stuff folk!


Hi Daniel

Although I don’‘t use this plugin (against company rules !) I have to say how impressed I’‘ve been with the work you’'ve been doing on this, not to mention the speed with which you react to and fix bugs.

I know there’‘s alot of people out there who appreciate the work you’'ve put into this !

Keep up the good work.

Best regards


Yep, we still waiting for correct russian charset in icq plugin, just like U already made in pyicq-t :-). And that`s all needed to make me really happy.

Thank you again for all your work.