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Which field is normally used to show the name on chats?


I am wondering which field is normally used to show the appropriate name on chat windows, for both users (you and your destination). I can think of JID, DisplayName and Nickname (this one, is inside the VCard). I now this is more or less a personal decision (I can use whichever field I want), but I would like to know which one is normally used.

Also, users on the Roster are instances of RosterItemVO, which has fields like the DisplayName. If I want the DisplayName of the current logged in user (the one I used on the .connect of the XMPPConnection), how do I get it (since, of course, it’s not on the Roster)?

And, last question, the VCard class has the contact (RosterItemVO) as private. Is there any reason for this? Why isn’t it marked as public?

Thank you,

It’s “displayName” in roster loaded event.