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Which file is the windows installer?

The instructions for Openfire enterprise v3.4.4 (downloaded last week) say “run the windows installer” see below for exact wording.

I downloaded the evaluation copy and unzipped it. It has 320 files but I dont see the windows installer.

I ran the openfire.exe but that doesnt seem install the program into c:\program files\ folder like it says.

Any help is appreciated.

Below is an excerpt from the installation documentation:



Your first instinct was correct, the launcher is the windows installer. The actual installed directory should just be where you unzipped the root folder (you can confirm this by looking for the server directory property in the admin console once you get the application set up).

EDIT: I’m sorry, I was mistaken. The documentation is referring to the executable that will run install4j. On my filesystem, the file is named openfire_enterprise_3_4_4. It will install into c:\program files\openfire by default, as the documentation stated.

I’m not seeing this “installer file” anywhere… Maybe I’m an idiot. Somebody please direct me.

The JRE download is an exe, which is itself the installer. I don’t know why they didn’t include the installer in the non-JRE zip.