Which library to use?


If I write a external component using Java. Which library is best for the development?

Thank you!

He Qi


Your question is not clear.

For which you are making a component server-side or client-side?

What do you mean by server side and client side? Could you tell me please?

which type of component you are writing…server-side OR client-side component.

e.g. plugins are Server-side components and IM is a client side.


I think it is client side, because it runs on another machine and connect to the server via TCP/IP.

Smack client library is the best one to use for client side programming. B’'cos this is maintained by active Jive community, and enhancements, issue tracking and Bug fixing all are continue process in the Jive commu.

You can also get the Nighty builds of Wildfire / Smack.

By-the-way Which Jabber server you are using?


I think what I want to write is a server side external component. And I am using wildfire.

You have to write the plugins for this.

You can find out about the plugins

http://www.jivesoftware.org/builds/wildfire/docs/latest/documentation/plugin-dev -guide.html

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Hi He Qi,

If you develop a component through plugins as mentioned by Jitendra, it’‘s essentially internal component. Jive doesn’'t provide a specific library for external component.

Here’'s the list of Java libraries for external component, which I collected from http://www.jabber.org/software/libraries.shtml :

Echomine Feridian





Which one is better than another? That’'s a subjective question. I suppose each one has its own group of users with its own reasonings. You may have to look around like the way you look for Wildfire

weird that no one uses whack,


just implement the plugin interface and you can run it as an internal component.

Not much of a “framework” but it handles that basics

Hey bram, I’'ve heard of that whack thing. How on earth did I miss that? Thanks.

Hi bram,

I just see whack. Is it a external component library, isn’'t it ?

Thanks for response.


He Qi

Of course you can use that for your external component development. In fact, I suppose Wildfire relies on whack to handle XMPP. Afaik, you can even create a new XMPP server using whack. The documentation is in javadoc though, and some samples.

Hey guys,

Yeah, Whack doesn’‘t get the love and attention it probably deserves. We’‘ve never had a chance to fully release it, although the code is quite stable and a number of people are using it. I hope that we’'ll be able to devote more time to it soon.



Hey Matt,

That’‘s great! Perhaps checking in Whack into it’'s own branch in the forum tree could be a quick and good start.

I think Whack’‘s fate is similar to Pampero. It’‘s positioning problem. While there are a lot of CM discussions in Wildfire branch, there aren’‘t many in Pampero. I suppose users don’'t know that CM is part of Pampero. Or, could it be the naming problem?

Just my $0.02

Yeah, we basically decided to kill the Pampero name. In fact, I should probably remove that forum to decrease confusion. Even though Connection Manager is really boring as a name, it’'s at least easy for people to understand what it is. We want to keep the emphasis on the Wildfire name on the server side.



That is probably a good idea - I didn’‘t know what CM was / is really part of Pampero. Maybe also a good idea to a CM forum section too so that it’'s kept separate.

Is there any plan to make CM into an install executable like WiFi ?