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Who can give me a license for install4j


Who can give me a license but not a evaluation license for install4j windows edition 4.0.3

thinks a lot…

If you think it’'s good enough to use it, buy a license and support the people that had the hard work of creating it.

The license doesn’'t cost that much seeing how good the software/support is.

Quit littering the forums with duplicate posts with at the very least unethical posts (more likely illegal).

You don’'t need install4j for building Spark.

I just generated a jar file with eclipse and then created an .exe with Launch4j. Total cost: zero, all free software !

EDIT: Oups, openfire forum, but should do the same.

I’'ve got a gen key on Internet,but I forgot the url.

I’‘m sure you won’'t miss it if search carefully.

Good luck!