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Who is actually using Openfire in these days?

This may sound like a strange question, but who is actually using Openfire in these days?

During the days of Openfire Enterprise we heard and read about exciting new customer stories every now and then. Nowadays one has to crawl thru the Community to get an at best an idea who might possibly be using or deploying Openfire.

For those of us trying to make a case for Openfire, whether we’re in the internal IT Department or in Sales, it would be a tremendous help to get some ‘visibility’ on who is actually using Openfire in these days.

Anyone? Who knows, maybe this discussion leads even to a few user testimonials that end up sitting on igniterealtime.org (the ‘Fans’ section might be an appropriate place for that).


PS: I hope you find this a reasonable request (in the right Community) and worth your consideration.

some of us aren’t allowed to advertise our company name

I don’t have time for writing testemonials (and personally i don’t see much use in them). All i can say that we are using it and we are satisfied so far. Public organization with ~200 users.

We piloted Openfire/Spark for about 3 weeks with 25-30 users. Then we rolled it out to about 100 users. We’ll soon be quitting use of a commercial IM product and rolling out to 200-300 more. We are in the public sector - local gov’t in the southwest.

I run a large school system with approx 4500 users. I cannot come to imagine a day without Openfire/Spark…

Now if I can only ever see Spark 2.6.0 finally come out, I would have something to really get excited about!!!

Back on topic, we have come to rely upon this solution to operate effeciently every day. Communication is a must, and this fits the bill in every way!



http://xmpp.org/services/ may also be interesting.

If you already write (and debug Erlang) programs and if you like the ejabberd.cfg file then you may want to use ejabberd. If you are looking for a Java application with a web gui then you want to use Openfire.


I just came like a week ago into Openfire world, simply by accident, looking for IM solution for my company. And must say that this is one of the most successful system deployments I have done over last few years.

Likewise can’t say the company name but we’ve been happy so far. At busy times we’ve seen it hit about 3000 people in our live environment. It’s been running great since about last June, the only two unplanned times it went down were when we exceeded the shared group cache and when a sysadmin accidentally restarted the wrong server : )

I deployed openfire at a previous company years ago and it became indisposable, after two months, intersite and inter office communication was at a high never seen in the company before because of efficiency. Open fire grew from 20-30, to over 3000 users in months. Im staging a deployment for the company i just started with, small but in major growth and they are beconing for production after they’ve had preliminary taste of it. Openfire is still being used and deployed widely, people just dont advertise it.

You raise an interesting question. A list of Jabber/XMPP servers is published here: http://www.jabberes.org/servers/ but many are in a corporate environment. Like ours. We have been using it within a federated (multi-server) configuration for years. We have some issues but they are manageable. Big thanks to the development team and user community. How do you envisage that Openfire gets better visibility? Do you want to sponsor that it can participate in XMPP interop trials (see http://xmpp.org/2010/12/interop-event-report/)? I think that Openfire should be listed there as well.

We are using OF in a world wide setup for 4 years. Roughly 10000 registered users and 2500 concurrent users. I have no intention to move away from OF to Tigase oder eJabberd since we did some custom plugin development. And OF is runing 24x7 (with a Saturday night reboot).

What is most scary in OF/Spark is the slow development of both products. But that’s more of a critical statement against the corporate users (like ourself) for not investing some development money into OF/Spark.

We are in a similar situation. It seems there is no model for accepting donations other than code.

small to medium start up, i’ve used openfire for about 8 months now. once i got the java menory balanced correctly, i’ve had only the whitespace issue.

running ~200 users, and growing quickly

Public School - we are using it internally with close to 1800 users, though it is not a truely fair assesment as not all departments are using it…etc everyone has an account though and I would put the campus wide acceptance as much lower; however, we are slowly deploying it out to key areas / groups…etc

One of the Top Ten telecommunications companies in america, that is number one in the area it specializes in. We are starting our full pilot with 110 fastpath for internal helpdesk and possibly external customer facing chat in the future, trying to convince the company to move to OF for comm as well as we are paying for Sametime Licenses. If that happens than a 11,000 user base.

Are you still using it with +200 users?