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Who's the sender of the groupchat message?

Hi, all,

I’m using smack API to do multiple user chat. here is one message of one participant received on client side by registering a message listener:

new message written to queue, from:hua_cag@conference.im.myserver.com to: sherry99@im.myserver.com body: hello xml: hello</mess age>

hua_cag is the chat room’s name, so it seems this message doesn’t contain any original sender’s information, in this case, how can I show who send out this message to the chat room in the client chat window?



See XEP-0045: Multi-User Chat. You should configure a non-anonymous room (or semi-anonymous room if you want to show the real JID only the room admins). Then you can see the real JID of the sender when an entity enters the non-anonymous room.