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Why all chinese characters display as question mark?

In fact, not only the chinese characters, but also japanese and korean all display as question mark.(like ???)

I’‘ve researched for some time. I don’'t know why now.

First, I was under fedora linux, use mysql 4.0, wildfire 4.4 for linux, I found this problem. And at last, I updated mysql to 4.1 and use utf8_unicode_ci collation, that’'s ok!

Then, I was under windows xp, use mysql 4.1, wildfire 4.4 for windows. All ok.

Last, I was under redhat linux, use mysql 4.1, wildfire 4.5 for linux. Question marks appear again! Oh, my god…

The question mark will not appear immediately. You can see it if you use phpmyadmin or something like that. And after you restart wildfire, the question marks will appear. It seems that wildfire only read database when it starts, and only wirte when running, all data will be in memory in run time. I havn’'t read the source, just guess, is right?

But get to business, I really don’'t know why now. If anybody has the same problem, please discuss together. Or if anybody can solve it?


I’'m using the embedded database and have some problems with unicode usernames but not with offline messages.

A lot of information is cached, but changes will be written to the database immediately.


PS: About the forum, one must ask itself how a “Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8” suits a "meta http-equiv=“content-type” content=“text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1"”.

Oh I found it! Just add to wildfire.xml database session, that’'s ok!

Thanks for help!