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Why did openfire[3.3.3] ended the client session?


I have two javascript client that are connected with http-bind to openfire. Suddenly the server disconnected one of them and I can`t tell why.

The log shows:

2007.10.06 01:30:42 Request 4623532224 > 4623532223, ending session.

2007.10.06 01:30:42 Packets could not be found for session 75a5cf42 cannotbe delivered to client

2007.10.06 01:30:50 Client provided invalid session: 75a5cf42.

Any idea?


I`ve cleaned the server logs and enabled the debug mode and let it run again until the server disconnected the client again.

There where two web javascript clients using http-bind. I have openfire 3.3.3 on XP on local machine. One of the clients run locally and the other from a remote computer. I use Apache to serve the javascript files and as a proxy to resolve cross domain issues.

After two hours one of the clients closed the connection manually but then the server ended the others session and I cant understand why.

The error log is empty.

The warning log shows: The warning log shows: 2007.10.06 14:47:20 Client provided invalid session: 1e13b6b3.

The debug log shows (it has many lines that looks the same. I just show the last lines):

2007.10.06 14:46:44 resume continuation {}

2007.10.06 14:46:44 continuation {}

2007.10.06 14:46:44 resume continuation {}

2007.10.06 14:46:44 continuation {}

2007.10.06 14:46:44 continuation {}

2007.10.06 14:47:20 resume continuation {}

2007.10.06 14:47:20 continuation {}

2007.10.06 16:18:40 Ignoring extra content {}

On my web client that got disconnected I got a reply from the server when the other client manually closed the session:

<body xmlns=‘http://jabber.org/protocol/httpbind’><presence from="user100@jabber.example.com/exampleResource" to="user101@jabber.example.com" type=“unavailable”/></body>The client send the following message to the server:

&lt;body xmlns='http://jabber.org/protocol/httpbind' rid='1964277746' sid='1e13b6b3'/&gt;

and the server replied with Error 404.Thanks

The apache logs shows:

--c-main-- --c-main-- (OS 10060)A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond.  : proxy: prefetch request body failed to (localhost) from () --c-main-- --c-main-- [http://client%20151.215.133.725/] Handler for proxy-server returned invalid result code 730060, referer: [http://www.example.com/messenger.html]