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Why do info exchange between two plugin?

this is a question when i set up two plugin in jive,one is receiver for user info,other is processor for receiver info.

examples for:

A1.localhost is receiver’‘s in jive.A2.localhost is processor.when A1.localhost receiver from jive user’'s info,Why do A1 notify A2 to process it get info?i want to use sendPacket method,but i find it ought to deliver packet between two componant .


Hi tangzhen,

Could you explain a little bit more detail about what you’'re trying to do? Is there a reason why you want one plugin to act as a receiver and another to act as a processor?



Is the bug that if you address a packet to componentB from componentA and use the sendPacket method, then componentB won’'t get the packet?



ryang,i want to do some event when componentA isn’'t deal with some user info package ,it would automatica send info package to componentB.or it may notify componentB do some info process.

it is a bug…,i will why do package exchange between two omponent?when will it fix?

someone can help me please,Ooop

Hi tangzhen,

Ok, now I understand a bit better what you are trying to do. Unfortunately, I have not tried to send a packet between two components like that and I do not remember reading about anyone who has. It is certainly possible that there is a bug someplace that is preventing the packet from being sent/delivered properly. Do you have some sample code you could post for people to take a look at?



this is a example that exchange info between two components.everyone interesting may discussed it.

i also have a servlet plugin problem if everybody is likely to discuss.

bill.rar (3672 Bytes)

i try it again that info exchange between two pulugin.as if it can’'t do info sending.i test it in jive_messenger_src_2005-04-20.example is in bill.rar.

Hey tom,

Attached you will find a working version of your plugins with the latest Messenger version (2.1.3).

Let me know how it goes.


– Gato
plugins.rar (3674 Bytes)

Hey Gato,

i try it can send to message between two plugin.but it seem have a bit bug,when billmailing receiver info from billreceiver,if it process ‘‘String from = message.getFrom().toString();’’ that it will stop run rear code,that is to say i delete this code,program is normally.