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Why do it Add a sidebar item in new tab?

i do a test plugin in jivemessenger,it can run in server,i setup sidebar ‘‘My Plugin Admin’’,it can’'t display on left sidebar ,it only right column display good result jsp.how can i add a sidebar item in new tab?


above is my test plugin .
myplugin.jar (5252 Bytes)

Hi tangzhen,

Getting the side bar items working can be a bit tricky, I’'ve attached a sample plugin that creates both a tab and a sidebar item. When developing plugins remember to follow the url=http://www.jivesoftware.org/builds/messenger/docs/latest/documentation/plugi n-dev-guide.htmlJive Messenger Plugin Developer Guide[/url], specifically the best practices section which states, “Integrate into existing tabs and sidebar sections whenever possible instead of creating your own. Only create new tabs for very significant new functionality.”

Hope that helps,

sample.zip (1921 Bytes)

thanks ryang,i knowed how do it in new tab after seeing your example.

if i want to integrate sidebar into existing tabs and sidebar,where do i find existing tabs ID and sidebar ID? example for “Users/Groups”?

You can see existing ids in the admin-sidebar.xml file (in CVS).


Also, you’'ll have to checkout the Messenger source from CVS, or use the latest nightly build so you can get the fixes Matt just added to resolve some issues with adding sidebar items to existing tabs.

Hope that helps,


thanks matt and ryang,your answer very help to me.i already finished it:)