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Why does OTR come on and off all by itself between Spark clients?

When chatting between 2 Spark clients, OTR button is off by default. When I am pressing it to turn on OTR, it states that it is establishing OTR session. Then several things migth happen:

  1. OTR would stay on.
  2. OTR would turn itself off.
  3. Other side would suddenly disconnect (though w/o OTR on it would never seem to disconnect) as if it was forcefully kicked off the server.
  4. A red message would sometimes be displayed along the lines of ‘You sent me an unreadable encrypted message’…
  5. Encrypted messages would sometimes arrive after ‘OTR successfully establish. Messages will be encrypted’ was displayed:

Is it possible to have OTR always on by default? Is it possible to not have to confirm key all the time when turning on OTR?