Why does the subscriptionRevocation event fire so much?

It seems that the subscriptionRevocation event fires at strange times. Im working through adding contacts and it seems this event fires.

My debug log below:

log – Fri Jul 7 01:09:40 GMT-0700 2006 : RECEIVED:

log – Fri Jul 7 01:09:41 GMT-0700 2006 : (trimmed) subscriptionRevocation:test@vaio.lymabean.com

Any ideas? Do I just ignore this event? I guess it doesnt really hurt anything unless I want to alert the user that “jid has revoked your presence”…

anyone have any ideas?

In fact this event fires in an unexpected moment but due to “correct” logic… the response comes from a contact Roster Push, that is adding a contact without subscription request…

The big problem here is that the packet looks exactly the same as a subscription revocation one… so you have to manually check if that JID was already in the user Roster to discard the event or work-out things accordingly for both different cases. In common workflow a presence subscription request should come after this message so you can normally silently discard the event for the push unless you need it for something important