Why i list all users in my server for new user?

Hi people…

I want list all user from my server for any users.

If i add an user, i want all users in my server have listed in the client of new user.

Is this possible?


If I understand you correct, you should take a look on shared groups. With shared groups every member of that group has each other member in his contact list. Create a new group (using Admin console), enable contact list sharing and add all new users to that group.

(last thing can be done by using the registration plugin)


Thanks for reply and sorry for my english very slow…

I understand you, and i test this and this is correct. But, this something works if i use openfire as “legacy”. If i set ldap director for authenticate users, this don’t work.

In my ldap, i have a group caled “admin” and in this group i have 3 users. But this users don’t listen in the new user list.

And, in the page of group manager at openfire console, have no users in the list user of group admin.

I can’t insert users in this group. Grrr…

With LDAP when you add a new user to your directory you need to add them the the groups used in openfire as needed. You can share LDAP groups as well. Openfire only has read access to the LDAP server.

Please also list what LDAP server you are using (Active Directory, OpenLDAP, etc).

i use openldap…

I am not that familiar with openLDAP. Have you restarted the openfire server after configuring it to use LDAP. sometimes the data can take a while to populate too. Also did you set the ldap.posixMode true in the system properties of openfire. This sometimes helps with openLDAP as well.

I need a filter when i set posix?