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Why is PacketParserUtils.parseProperties() private?

Hey everyone! I have a quick API question:

Why is PacketParserUtils.parseProperties() private?

I am sending custom IQ packets with Properties across a network. Since I have to parse my own IQ packets via IQProvider.parseIQ(), I have to parse my own Properties out of the Packet.

It would be really nice if I could just use PacketParserUtils.parseProperties(). As of now, I just copy/pasted the code.


Hey Karl,

Thanks for pointing that out. I created the issue SMACK-68 for this enhancement. You can use the next nightly build that includes this improvement.


– Gato

That’‘s great, thanks! It’'ll let me remove that code I copied/pasted. I see it made it into Smack 1.5.1: