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Why is roster cached?

Just wondering why is the entire openfire database cached? Everytime I add someone to a roster I clear the cache manually in the admin page. This is very cumbersome. Why is anything cached in this thing in the first place? Where is the system property setting to turn off roster caching or all the cache? I want to disable caching.

We use this internally with our own server and about 25 people. We are a very small time user base. Don’t think cache would make any difference.

Hi Andy,

Caches are used to greatly improve the performance of Openfire. It’s a lot faster to retrieve data from local memory than to open a connection to the database, execute a query, retrieve and then process the results. If you want to change how the caches work take a look at the user cache section on this page. You can effectively disable a cache by setting its size or expirationTime value to 0.

Instead of updating the database directly have you looked into using the User Service plugin? By doing so you can still retain the performance benefits of using caches while at the same time having any users you add be recognized immediately.

Hope that helps,