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Why is the BOSH implementation so bloated?


I am trying to implement proxy functionality into the BOSH branch and I am getting frustrated, while digging through the code.

After debugging through jbosh code and xlightweb code, I’ve finally found the method where to implement it and also found an implemented patch here: https://kenai.com/jira/browse/JBOSH-20

Seems I have to build jbosh 0.7.0 myself, since it has not yet been released.

But while doing all this stuff I really wonder, why the whole BOSH implementation is so bloated and confusing, especially jbosh.

I mean, I need the BOSH branch and additionally I need the jbosh 0.6.0 dependency, which in turn needs the org.xlightweb library and also the xpp3 library.

In my opinion, it could have been much simpler by just using Java’s HttpURLConnection and Java’s java.net.Proxy and just create the connection with


Does anybody know, why it’s so complicated?