Why my user is not shown in the group?

How do i show logged user name?

Eg. If i logged in spark and not showing my name in the list. I can able to see all group members exclude mine. Why?

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Next time think of a more informative name for your question than just “User”.

Your user name is shown in the top of the Spark’s toolbar in bold font. Right above the status menu. “Victor V.” in the below example.


Victor is a member of HR department group. But he is not shown in the group. There is no need to show yourself as a contact, because you won’t be talking to yourself, or you don’t need to see status of yours, because you already know what you are doing and you status is shown above. I suppose you are talking about the groups, which automatically load from Openfire. This is how Openfire works and i think it was intentional not to show your own name in the group you are member of. Though you can still add yourself into a local Spark group, if you wish.