Why not a ComponentXMPPConnection instead of Whack?

Before a full features whack why do you don’'t provide a XMPPComponentConnection (extends XMPPConnection) in SMACK (or SMACKX) before. It just needs a custom PacketReader, a custom PacketWriter and the probe type allowed in Presence. Everything else that a component must do should become a listener work (probe replies, etc…) . I made this for a project, are you interested in this contribution?


Actually some guys working on an XMPP RA for Mobicents (an Open Source SLEE platform)

have implemented this.

You can find the binary libraries here:


Source is not available, but maybe you can contact them…



I did that implementation, and i’'m posting here to check if SMACK wants that contribution back.


Well, I don’'t know about the SMACK developers, but I certainly would

It’'d be really great if you could post the source somewhere and use the same license as SMACK itself (Apache 2.0).


I can provide you the code but my intention is to have that in SMACK, that way all people that want to use it doesn’'t need a new custom build of SMACK each time a new version comes out.

Couldn’‘t that subclass be moved to the application’‘s package instead of the library’'s?

or … how about a community driven fork of smack which synchronizes regularly with the official jive smack version … keeps the license compatible… integrates as much custom patches as possible and also produces nightly builds ?..

anyone interested ?

(i’'ve already posted this idea before… e.g. http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?threadID=18256&tstart=0 )

I did that implementation, and i’'m posting here to

check if SMACK wants that contribution back.


We’'d be more than happy to check it out and then incorporate it into Smack officially if all looks ok.

Best Regards,


Good to hear that, i’'m sending the project zip for your email (got from your profile).

The file name is pti-smack-dev-2.2.0.zi

PS: Excuse me for not replying sooner but I had to recode (including javadoc) and retest the component code for smack 2.2.0

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I’‘d be very happy with this, and if it works as advertised it would make writing a basic external component trivial. So how’‘s it going? Any inkling of whether it’'ll be integrated, yet?

So, any updates on this yet?

There do seem to be problems with startup reliability (occasional SSL and socket exceptions can happen upon connect), and Wildfire doesn’'t pick up the name/category/type and such as it should.

It seems that there are some alterations made to Smack to allow this to function. Something like a constructor made public or some such? Standard Smack libraries don’'t work.

I’'d like the source to be published, even if it were not Smack-incorporated. The sheer simplicity of making a simple bot or transport-framework using this method is too good to pass up.


Any updates?

sadly there are no updates on this issue, nobody from JIVE contacted me since the initial mails (exchanged when this topic started).

The specific issues I’‘ve been having have been mostly resolved, but I’'m wondering if you could still publish the source for this somewhere?

it will be published, either on smack or somewhere else, be patience

Any news about a release of ComponentXMPPConnection ?