Why Openfire is very slow when doesn't have internet access!

Hi all,

I have been using Openfire 3.7.0 server on Windows XP, some clients on Java 6 windows based with lib SMACK, and some clients on Android with ASMACK lib, all them have publish static IP address.

When I have the internet access, Openfire server and all clients login, get list chat on room and everything work well and fastly! But when I unplug the internet cable means there is no internet access (all clients and server connect via an access point, and the access point does not have internet access), so login, get the users list, and so on, … very slow. Event the start up time of Openfire server take more then 2 mins (slower than before a lot)

I want to make the system running stably and fastly either have internet access or not for all clients and server. Anyone please give me some helps. Thanks in advance.

Maybe Openfire is binding to your external IP interface. Check your /conf/openfire.xml You can uncomment

and add your access points IP as an interface. Not sure it will help. Just guessing.

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Thanks for your answer, I tried but it doesn’t work. event I try local host, AP host, and the Server address, the problem is still there

Any help would be appreciated.

Is DNS configured properly ? It could be that you are looking at dns timeouts because the server is doing reverse lookups on the clients connecting ?

just guessing…