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Why openfire service took more time to up after server reboot?

Every time we reboot the server, open fire application takes more time to up. Almost 20 to 25 mins it took to start and work again.

It is hard to make any guess from what you have provided. What OS? How do you run Openfire (service, deamon, launcher)? Any errors in the /openfire/logs?

Its hosted on WinServer2012 R2, and OpenFire service is reponsiible for running it. Ports associated with openfire are 5229, 5222, 5223, 2053, 2052, 9090. Its taking long time(20 mins) to allocate all these ports for openfire service.

Error log shows anything relevant?

Nothing in error logs for this.

Well, then nothing else that i can suggest. This is not a usual or known issue. Btw, how do you determine that ports are not yet ready? Also, is your service on automatic or maybe automatic (delayed)? I haven’t used Openfire on Windows Server 2012, but maybe there are some other services loading at that point and Openfire is just in a queue.

I will again check and ping if I can get any errors related to this, when we reboot the server it will get up quickly, then database service also get up quickly, then openfire service also get up quickly but related ports will take more time to get up (port numbers used are mentioned above).

We can check this using command “netstat -ano | findstr 9090” on server. We have IIS, database and Openfire installed on same server.

I got some blocks to say, database service should get up before openfire.To verify this we have also started openfire service manually after database service gets up, but same thing happen. It took near about 20 mins to get up all ports used in openfire as mentioned above.

As i’ve said, i have no other ideas. Btw, what version of Openfire? Is it with JRE included? 64-bit?

Once it’s running, enabled debug, if it’s not already. Then reboot and check logs/all.log to see where the delay may be.

Openfire 4.2.2, yes included JREand its 64 bit