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Why sending long message leaded to disconnect from server?

After openfire upgrade to 3.4.2, when client sends first long message after login in, the client always automatically disconnects from server, and soon automatically reconnect to server, since then,If I send long message again, client doesn’t disconnect from server again.

When disconnect from server,I get the following information in the openfire warn.log.

What client is causing this behavior? Could you upgrade the server to a newer version?

The client is developed based on agsXMPP library. All versions of openfire after 3.4.1 have this problem.

When sending long chat message for the first time after login , if I

compress the sending data ,the client alway disconnect from openfire

server automatically. I use same client login ejabberd server,and send

the same message which is also compressed, but the client doesn’t

disconnect. And if i sending message data directly without compressing,

the disconnecting phenomena doesn’t happen. If there is some problem

with openfire’s decompress algorithm.