Why spark disappear after spark running

when i running the wildifre and wildire is 3.2.0,and don’'t install the pulugin

, after that i running the spark2.4.1, but is disapper,how to solve this problem???

thank in advance.


I’‘m not sure what’‘s your problem. Did you configure Windows to hide inactive tray icons and Spark’'s icon is faded out?


I would say we see this often too. Bascially Spark comes up, you login, and it disappears (not running in tray/etc)

If you do ctrl-alt-delete you need to kill spark.exe and then relaunch before you can do anything. This has happened to a good number of users including myself, however most aren’‘t tech savvy enough to do a ctrl-alt-delete. I haven’‘t seen it in 2.4.1 yet, but i’'ll keep my eye out.