Why the hell was java 8 dropped when thats oracle's latest version

as the title says.

surely, we can not be expected to search for an alternative that requires a full dev kit install? to use java 11.

That cant happen here, and I suspect in many places, I guess developers dont care, so we i guess are going to be stuck of an outdated 4.7 series… sure hope no security issues creep up on us.

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Are you actually interested in getting an answer, or are you just venting?

You seem to be complaining that an upgrade of Openfire takes more time or resources than you’re willing or able to spend. You’re implying that you won’t go forward with that effort. You seem to blame us in advance for any security implications that running outdated software has.

Maybe upgrading Java actually is a difficult thing to do for you in your setup, but even if it is, then there is no excuse for these insinuations, that tone of voice, the flawed assumptions and accusation of developers not caring.

Our software is created and maintained by dedicated volunteers, many of who pour their love and resources into the project, discussing and coordinating almost daily, helping others where they can, to bring you products that you can use for free, without any expectations or required contribution on your part - apart from maybe a bit of common decency. It is comments like these that suck the energy out of the community.

Go suck an egg buddy.

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With all due respect, but that is nonsense.

Java 8 is basically at the end of its lifespan. Even if you would use the Oracle’s Java, then you had to pay a fee for support. But really, nobody should be using Java 8 these days.

I think the Openfire developers care very much.

Asking for Java 8 support is a demonstration of the lack of the underlying technical facts.