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Why the Sid will be Invalid after accessing the Wildfire some times

Why the Sid will be Invalid after accessing the Wildfire some times by the protocol of Http-Binding.

at beginning, all is right, can send and receive message by the session ,but after some minutes, the Wildfire

return the error message:

h2. HTTP ERROR: 404

Invalid SID.


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please help me.


A SID is invalidated after its hasn’'t been used for 30 seconds. Make sure you are connecting at least once every 30 seconds to keep your SID active.



Yes, It connects wildfire and send a chat message to some friend every 10 seconds ,. and now ,I want to know

if there should tell the Wildfire the session is active in a method. I have tested in a method that I send

every 10 seconds but the problem also exist.

Here, who can tell me how to solve the problem, or tell me how to keep the Sid active ?

thank you!

Which version of Openfire are you using?



The vesion of the Wildfire used is 3.20

There are many improvements if you upgrade to the latest and greatest version 3.2.3. There is one in particular I can think of dealing with timeouts.



I have found some cause :

The error refered before happened when the pre-HttpRequest caught a TCP-Net-Error.

So now,I want to know why the Wildfire let the client session invalid after the client happen a net error.

who can tell me the whys?


Can you post the error or any information related to the error?



before the error happened, the program bring out the net error :

javax.microedition.io.ConnectionNotFoundException: TCP open

at com.sun.midp.io.j2me.socket.Protocol.connect(+99)

It should be a net connection error, but it is surprise why the net error can cause the Wildfire return the

message: Invalid SID.