Wierd file transfer problems

First of all i have already read numerous of posts regarding file transfer problems… but not one has been satisfying.

Anyhow i’'ve installed wildfire 3.1.1 on our server and spark 2.0.8 on all the workstations.

All workstations are on the same subnet, and the same subnet as the server xxx.xxx.xxx.z/24

In our GPO’‘s settings for windows firewall i have opened port 5222, 5223, 7777 in our subnet and i’‘ve also made program exceptions for spark.exe for the local subnet. (I’'ve checked that the expections are active and running on the workstations)

On the server i’'ve made exceptions for wildfire-service. In the wildfire settings i have enabled file proxy at port 7777.

Everyone can connect and chat with no problem at all and I’'m able to send and recieve files with “user1”,

I am also able to send files to “user2”, but not receive… and for all other users file transfers doesn’'t work at all.

Sending/receiving with user1 didn’'t work until I manually entered host and port into the “advanced” login options.

Therefor i’'ve manually entered those values for every client.

The user trying to send a file immediately gets a message in the chat window "You were unable to send the file to " and an option to retry, the user receiving gets the usual options to accept or reject but if he/she chooses to accept it says negotiation is going on… nothing more happens except a 0kb file is created in the download directory.

Furthermore there’‘s no useful information in under “Logs” in the admin interface. All logs are empty except debug which only shows when people have logged out. I’'m guessing Spark never tell wildfire about the file tranfers?

any ideas are more than welcome!


Hi Patrik,

press F12 within Spark for the xmpp debug window (same as menu: Help, Show Chat Window) and verify what’'s going on. Posting the exchanged packets here may help a lot.


well, i’'m slightly confused… cause today it works… for everyone.

My best guess is that the AD/GPO firewall settings took some time to become effective…

thanks anyway

We had this same issue using 2.5 B3. What we found was that we had to uncheck the option in “Advanced” setup that said “Automatically discover host and port” and put in the host info for our Wildfire server, even though we were already logging in to the server. Once we do that for any two clients, those clients can then transfer files to one another. If we don’‘t enter the host info, file transfer doesn’'t work at all no matter what else we do. No changes were made to our Jabber server in the meantime (and we were using the default file transfer port as well).

Hope that helps!

We were having the same problem, but following your advice I made the changes and now it works perfectly. Thanks for the information.