Wildefire transfers

hey everybody,

i use wildfire 2.5.1

when somebody want send me a file! it fails!! i dont no why

i run a webserver on the same server (plesk running)

can somebody help me please!

ive no firewall running + when ill try to send file it fails or spark hanging!!

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You’‘ll want to make sure that you have port 7777 open on the server, that is the file transfer proxy. Second, you’'ll want to make sure we setup the correct server address. How do people access your server over jabber, is there a DNS entry?



I wonder if this is a client problem, as you are using Spark you may launch it two times on your local PC with two accounts and test if filetransfer works in this really not useful setup.

Which client does the other user use?

Are you using the file transfer plugin?