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Wildfire 2.4.3 Released

Wildfire 2.4.3 has been url=http://www.jivesoftware.org/wildfirereleased[/url]. This is a maintenance release with many bug fixes. Read the url=http://www.jivesoftware.org/builds/wildfire/docs/latest/changelog.htmlchange log[/url] to learn the complete list of changes.

Most of the fixed problems were reported in this forum by the community. We are working hard on adding new cool features to the server and also fixing as many issues as possible. So please keep posting any problem you find.


The Wildfire team

I think wildfire already has a lot of cool features. We just need to make it more stable. I am afraid that the more features which most of the users do need would make a burden for developer to make it stable. However I have to admit that I love to have feature like (clustering,

Project Pampero ) tho.



Fantastic!!! Works like a gem so far!!!

Hi gaston

By the way, How does the release cycle work?


Hey wmhtet,

I’‘m not sure if you are referring to dates or processes so I’'m going to answer both.

In general the idea is to release a new version of the server every 2 months (at most). Possible reasons why the 2 months cycle could be shorter are: 1) important bug fixes, 2) new features are available and there is a high demand from the community or 3) new version of Spark or Live Assistant require new features of Wildfire.

The process we follow to release a new version of the server does not involve release candidate versions[/i] unless there are a bunch of new features that haven’'t been fully tested and we need some help from the community to test them. So far we had alpha, beta and RC versions for only one release of the server. The rest of the server releases went from nightly builds to final releases.

The reason for that is that for each new feature that we implement we try to create automated test cases (e.g. junits) when the functionality is also supported by Smack (our client library) or if not we just run manual test cases. Product quality is very important to us so we usually spend quite some time testing our software before making a final release. A consequence of this “development methodology” is that our nightly build versions tend to be as stable as our final releases.


– Gato

Hi Gato

Thanks for explaining things in detail. I have asked the question so that system administrators who have installed Wild Fire can do a better job managing and maintaing the server.

Thanks again,