Wildfire 3.1.0 Released

Wildfire 3.1.0 has been released:


The new release includes a new interface for setting up LDAP integrations, many new features and a very big number of bug fixes and small enhancements. Full change log can be found here.

Connection Managers has also been updated with some bug fixes and small enhancements. Download the latest version from: http://www.jivesoftware.org/wildfire/connection_manager.jsp.


Wildfire Team

I wanted to add some more details for those of you using the LDAP/Active Directory integration. A ton of work was done on LDAP for 3.1. However, we had to “break” a few things in existing installations. Specifically, the vCard mapping syntax in the XML config file is now much simpler. If you’'re using LDAP vCard mapping, I would recommend re-running the Wildfire setup process and going though the LDAP integration wizard. It will let you setup the mapping pretty quickly. To re-run setup:

  1. Stop Wildfire

  2. Edit conf/wildfire.xml and set

  3. Start Wildfire and you’'ll enter the setup tool when you connect to the Wildfire admin console.



Ahh, one more note for those looking at the 3.1 release. You’‘ll notice that all the plugins were recently updated, but now require 3.1.0. This is because we’‘re now applying a fancy new compression mechanism to plugins (1/3 to 1/2 original size), but that requires special support in the 3.1 code base. If you’‘re not ready to upgrade to 3.1 yet, that just means you’'ll need to keep using the older versions of the plugins. Also, the old plugins will continue to work just fine in 3.1 when you do upgrade.



Awesome!!! Congratulations guys.

LG, do you still have some more balloons to release?

Hi Aznidin,

did you miss three open blockers?

So we may wait until these are fixed.


Is there a step-by-step upgrade guide from 3.0.1? So a currently working configuration is not broken? So only files that need updating are?

Upgrade Instructions:

Windows .exe

Run the 3.1 Windows installer. Wildfire will automatically upgrade the binary installation to the latest release without overwriting your settings.

All other installers

Backup the following files:

  • conf/wildfire.xml

  • embedded-db directory (will exist if you’'re using the embedded databased)

  • resources/security directory (if you’'ve customized the certificates that Wildfire uses)

  • enterprise directory (if you’'ve installed and use Wildfire Enterprise)

Install the new version (.zip, .tar.gz, RPM), then restore the backed up files.



matt wrote:
You’'ll notice that all the plugins were recently updated

Have missed Update All button