Wildfire 3.1.1 Released

Wildfire 3.1.1 has been released:


The new release includes a lots of improvements for testing LDAP integrations. During the initial setup it is now possible to test each step of the setup wizard. Moreover, from the admin console you can review your LDAP integration settings, change them and test again.

Wildfire can scale now even more! An important bug was fixed that was affecting scalability when using Connection Managers.

Full change log can be found here.


Wildfire Team

Great. So a new column in User List. Last Logout. Just checked this out. Heew, i cant believe that some of my test users (home test server) hasnt logged in for a 232 days ! Well, it was quite a long time ago when i have logged in with that usernames. But i just didnt imagine it was so long ago. Are you sure it shows the right thing? Ok, so, i know i was asking for that. And it is useful. Just takes a lot of space now I mean user list is a bit bloated because of days hours minutes. Wonder whether it is possible to customize this a bit. Maybe someone is willing to see only days. Or maybe d. h. m. Seconds?? But, what i really want is to get Date of last log out. More than days number. Please, please

P.S. last question. How can one disable this column? Maybe a system property?


wouldn’'t it be better

to show minutes if it is less than one hour,

to show hours if it is less than one day,

to show days if it is less than one week,

to show weeks if it is less than one month

to show months if it is less than one year

it is not my idea, i have seen it in other application, that’'s all.

I really wonder why an admin should care if the user did logout 3 seconds ago or 2 weeks ago.

Everything which is higher than one year may be interesting, as users which were offline so long may never come back. So “days” should be fine for 80% of the server administrators.

I did notice that Gato did ignore the forum rules as he created a duplicate post, this here and the one in the News forum.


it2000 wrote:

I did notice that Gato did ignore the forum rules as he created a duplicate post, this here and the one in the News forum.

We cant reply in news forum. IT’'s only for announcements so i can monitor it for changes unlike this common forum. Too much threads and posts.

Hi Oleg,

I know that the forum has this little disadvantage. While the Wildfire 3.1.0 Released thread may be found easily in the News forum you may want to try to find it in this forum. One may wonder what’‘s the difference between both posts, but there is a big one. Matt’'s reply regarding LDAP vCards is missing in the News section and a lot of people did complain that LDAP vCards were broken in 3.1.x


does Wildfire 3.1.1 support mirror connections? I would like to receive messages on both IM clients when logged in simataneously.