Wildfire 3.2 Beta: does not listen only on the configured interface

I’'ve got widlfire.xml set to listen only on one ip address with:

The admin console and http binding only listen on this ip, but 5222 and 5223 are available to “All addresses”. This is confirmed in the admin consol and with netstat.

I’‘m actually having this problem in Wildfire 3.1.1 as well. I’'m running a second instance of wildfire in a FreeBSD jail and I have both configs listening on its own address. It seems like the admin interface as well as the connection ports do not listen to the config settings. I am able to connect and authenticate successfully if i pick a unique set of ports for each instance of wildfire.

Hey Pokoyo,

Thanks for the bug report. The problem has been fixed and the fix will be included in the upcoming Release Candidate version to be out today.


– Gato