Wildfire 3 Beta - Using Client Manager


I’‘ve had a quick play with Beta 3 and connection manager, but can’'t see where to disable the client port listeners in Wifi. I was testing CM using the same machine.

Perhaps I’'ve missed something ?!



why do you want to disable the Wildfire default ports?

Security Settings allows you to disable Old SSL / port 5223 but it may be much better to bind Wildfire to an other address than the CM.

Wildfire runs fine on while the CM can use if you like as described in http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?threadID=20466


Hey Martyn,

As a quick workaround to run CM and Wildfire in the same machine (for testing/development mode) what I do is configure Wildfire to listen on ports 5622 and 5623 for client connections. The ports could be anything you want and can be configured from the main page in the Admin Console. The next step would be to enable the Connection Manager service in Wildfire and set a password or shared secret. Configure CM with the same shared secret and point it to Wildfire. Start CM and have fun.

Note that this workaround is meant to be used for testing or development only.


– Gato

Hi Gato and LG

Thanks for the info, would have been nice to be able to disable the Wifi listeners so that if we were using CM, no other clients would be able to connect to the main server, only the CM(s) on the CM port.


Hi Martyn,

it sounds invitingly to disable the port 5222 completely but as soon as you want to test something as you hit a problem you’'ll always wonder: Is it the CM or a Wildfire bug and you may be happy to have a local port 5222. And of course you can change the port number and use a firewall to block access to it for normal users.



Yes, would be nice to be able to disable all the client listeners as a configuration option. That way you could enable one for testing as you say. I am thinking I would also put the link between CM and Wifi server on a private VLAN to keep the traffic down and connections ‘‘private’’.

Have to say I think this is an exciting time for Wifi dev and the direction it’'s going.