Wildfire and Ldap group configure

Hello I have a problem with my Ldap groups. The user authenticatet over my Ldap,thats gone. What don’'t gone ist the ldap groups.

Here is my config.

In my ldap I have a group admin and there some user there. Now I wan’'t to this group and there user in the Jabber Client. But with this config I see no group and no users, why?

Perhaps anyelese can help me with my Problem.


I think what you are missing is your example of your wildfire.xml is the group authenticator.

Try replacing the provider section with this information:

Yes i do that. But it didn’'t fixed my problem.

In my Client i can’'t see the groups.

perhaps someone have another idea.


Now my configure file see like so:

Here is my config.

But in my Clients I didn''t see the groups that i have in my ldap. What is the Problem maybe someone have an idea. Thanks

Did you read the Wildfire LDAP Guide? It states that you must have groupNameField and posixMode set for groups to work.

Yes i do that. But it didn’'t fixed my problem.

In my Client i can’'t see the groups.

perhaps someone have another idea.


But can you see the groups if you logon to the “Wildfire Admin Console” and check the “Group Summary”?

No i didn’'t see the groups in the AdminConsole.

who can slove this problem? thanks

Show us your latest configuration. Did you set groupNameField[/b]? What LDAP server are you using (AD, OpenLDAP, etc)? Do you need to set the posixMode[/b] option?

I have a similar problem, I do see the groups and users on Admin console, but I see none on the client.

I am on Linuxm with OpenLDAP abnd postgresql. Users authenticate fine on linux boxes via ssh and email. They can also login on Wildfire, but no groups get shown on Spark, I have to add each user by hand. Also If I add a group, it gets added, but no user is shown on it.

Follows my .xml file:

Make sure that you are enabling sharing for each group. Go to the Admin Console and edit each group to enable sharing.

I have enabled on the Admin Console, what else do I need ?

I finnally figured it out. Someone might want to add this to the documentation, do not use posixmode (meaning set it to FALSE) on OpenLDAP+Linux, it doesn’'t work, yet it shows you all users and groups on Admin console, drives you crazy!

alvarow is correct. I think there is a bug in Wildfire’'s handling of posixmode when it comes to groups.

In posixMode=true, at least if you want to use the existing “/etc/group” equivalents, and using the rfc2307bis.schema from Openldap, I believe you are supposed to specify group membership in the group definition, NOT the user definition, thusly:

dn: cn=TheCabal,ou=Group,dc=bigtribe,dc=com

objectClass: posixGroup

objectClass: top

objectClass: groupOfUniqueNames

cn: TheCabal

gidNumber: 1001

uniqueMember: uid=greening,ou=People,dc=bigtribe,dc=com

So presumably, seeing this under posixMode should create a Jabber group called “TheCabal”. But instead, Wildfire looks up “uniqueMember” under the user definition. If Wildfire isn’'t slavishly following posix group definitions, the documentation should state that.


i have installed wildfire 3 its working good. i have all users login and chating from ldap . but wired thing is i see all users groups in managing groups section and i cant create a new group in wildfire . whats this i cant understand can any one guide me