Wildfire and SIP/SIMPLE

Hi to all, I’‘m using Wildfire to connect a little community and all is working fine. Now I’'d to connect some “external” contacts that use SIP/SIMPLE client (like XTen or SIP phones). I wish that chat messages and presence status could be available among jabber and sip/simple contacts. How can I do it?

Is available some SIP/SIMPLE - jabber gateway that’‘s working fine? Does exist any Wildfire’'s plugin that allows it?

Thanks in advance


I’'m not aware of a plugin or module which allows this.

Lotus Sametime could have such a gateway.



No plans to support SIP/SIMPLE at this time. If enough users asked for it, we could consider it.



How many do you count as Enough Matt? I can get a couple of dozen execs that would love to have this feature…


Hey Matt,

How about a large company of > 50K people? I’'ve been given a mandate in our company that I have to make this happen somehow, as the ‘‘corporate standard’’ (whether I like it or not), is Live Communications Server from Micro$oft, and it is coming down the pike.

As you know from our previous conversations, I run a Wildfire instance with over 9000 registered users (and growing quickly) that supports roughly 3000 online users at peak times. While this usage is growing, we need to integrate this community with the sheep in the company who won’'t use anything but what corporate IT deploys. So, this means a SIP/SIMPLE gateway of some sort to communicate with LCS is going to quickly become required.

I’‘ve been basically told that if it comes down to it, I’‘ll have to move our user base off to something like Jabber, Inc’‘s XCP server to accomplish this, since they provide a native SIP/SIMPLE gateway. Obviously, given everything I’‘ve been through with you guys, I don’'t want to do that, but I’'m getting pressure from above. It sounds like from the other posts in this forum that some others are in a similar situation.

I need to go back to management in the next week or so to give them an update on this task - if you guys were going to support this, do you have any estimate on the amount of effort it would require to support this?



a large company[/i] may have a budget which allows sponsoring of the development of an open-source SIP/SIMPLE - jabber gateway[/i] and sponsoring helps as far as I know a lot to get things done. So if you have some peanuts available you may want to contact Matt.



Thanks for the update. We’'ll drop you an email to try to figure out a solution.



Trust me LG, if I could convince the powers that be to do this, I’'d have done it a long time ago…

We’‘ve worked with Matt and Gato directly on some prior issues we were having, and we’‘d love to put more support behind this. I’'m working that through back channels now… unfortunately, for those who have worked in a large company, you know what I mean when I say that can be ‘‘challenging’’ to say the least.

Anyone has never tried this one? http://www.iptel.org/ser/doc/jabgw/xjab-manual.html

It seems to be a valid gateway that works like a SIP registrar. It supports jabber streams.


Ser or actully OpenSER (which is the more up2date product) has a jabber to SIP/SIMPLE gw.

Lately, I’'ve just tested SIMPLE communication between LCS and “regular” sip clients using OpenSER and the results are not so positive.

since the ms oc client has many features besides presence (Call controll, data shareing Softphone etc) there is no real interoperability in the presence and CTI.

you can use the client as a softphone for outbound dialing with SIP as it doesnt require a phone number, however if you would like to recieve phone calls, you would have to have a second phone number per user and also to have a “patched” sip device that can include the prop epid parameter.

so bottom line, as basic simple communications doesnt work, I would expect that the jabber to simple gateway to work, and for sure it missed the very important CTI functions that LCS offers.

It would be great if someone knows the exact methods that ms use in their LCS sip traffic.