Wildfire and Trillian

Is anyone using Wildfire or Jive to run internal network IM and then Trillian to go to external clients? I’‘m playing around with this and I ran into an issue with my jabber plugin for trillian. I can’'t search for JIDs like you can in spark or exodus. I was just curious as to see if anyone had a similar configuration.



Well, I’‘m just installing wildfire server on a root server (so external in this case) and i’‘ll use trillian 3.1 (pro) to connect. If i’‘m able to run the server, i’'ll tell you my experiences with it.


I’'d appreciate any input from your experience. Thanks. Some info into my details…

I’‘ve got Wildfire running on an internal server for 1000 users. They will all be getting the trillian Pro client and only have the jabber plugin allowed so they can talk to each other internally but not to external clients. Only a small group will get the additional plugins if they are required to talk to clients via AOL or MSN or Yahoo. I have everything talking nicely, internal jabber clients and to external clients like yahoo and AOL but the user has to know the full JID, which of course they don’‘t. So I was hoping a search plugin or tweak would work on the trillian client like in spark so that all you need to search is an email or nickname. I have an open case with trillian for the same thing so if I hear from them first, I’'ll post their stand.

Thank you for any and all help!


Just wanted to bump this up.

The management decided to stall on this a few months back and are now rolling forward again. Does anyone run both Wildfire/Jive and Trillian? I’'d like to hear some of your implementation woes or successes.



Hey PM,

Until Spark was released I used to use Trillian to connect to jivesoftware.com. In general the experience was quite good. I’‘m no longer using Trillian to connection to js.com but Spark. Anyway, I’'m still using Trillian Pro 3.1 to connect to gtalk and jabber.org and the jabber plugin sometimes terminates the connection and reconnects automatically. Not sure what is causing that error.


– Gato

Thanks Gato!

I hope this doesn’'t get repeated, I think i lost my last edit to this thread.

I’‘d love to use Spark enterprise wide, but I was having major issues getting the PyAIM,MSN and Yahool transports working. I"m sure it was my lack of knowledge with python and what not but it just got ugly with nothing to show for it. I’‘d gladly try it again if I had some decent instructions. If anyone has anything I’'d really appreciate checking it out.

I’‘d still like to get the trillian working too but I’’’‘m having presence issues and I can’‘t search the jabber server for contacts. You have to know the user ID and jabber server name to add anyone, that’‘s pretty useless. I’‘d really not want to have to take a look at Windows LiveCommunicationsServer but I might if I can’'t the Spark transports and trillian client working properly.

Any suggestions would be very welcome.

Thank you!


Just wanted to add a snippet of my experience. First, love Trillian, been using it for a few years, worth the money for Pro. I use GAIM on Linux & am falling in love with it also. I wish Trillian offered Off-The-Record. It ought to & I can not for the life of me figure out why tehy dont. The built-in encryption is great between Trillian users, but of course that is a thin slice of the contacts on my roster.

Second, and I think this was mentioned, but just to hit it again, you can add your server’‘s ability to talk to AIM & MSN gateways and still keep your clients locked-down to using only jabber, and still have them talk to those outside your org’’ that way. This is actually our plan right now & are half way there.

Third, if in Trillian, just did this right this second, latest versions of everything involved, I am connected only to jive, and show the status window for that connection, and watch it, and then search for contacts, this is what I get:

XMPP Error: iq error 404 from users.jabber.org: unspecified

which I can not figure out for the life of me. I am not connected to jabber.org nor is the server, so I dont know why it is looking there at all. Any one else seen this? I am going to watch this with “tcpdump” & “ethereal” next to see if I can spot something, but wanted to get this out there to see what other Trillian users saw when doing this same thing.

I have posted this issue here as well:





Trillian is “hard coded” who knows why to jabber.org for its search. I’‘ve seen a hex editor hack, but I wouldn’‘t go down that path. I’'d just ask Trillian to update their plugin.


My users and I currently use Wildfire in conjunction with Trillian Pro (primary), Gaim (secondary) and BitlBee.

Additional testing with Miranda has been done as well.

I haven’‘t tested searching with trillian yet, but if it is what the others say it is (hardcoded to search jabber.org only), I’‘d say that the plugin’'s search capabilities are bugged.

About the Transports, They are actually very close to finished at this point, to the best of my knowledge. This would allow you to simply use spark, and use the gateways for AIM and the likes to connect to the outside “world” as it may be.