Wildfire as a presence server : asking for anyone''s presence being an admin


I want to use wildfire as a presence server. I want to be able to log in as an special “administrator” user and ask for anyone’‘s presence without being in everyone’'s roster.

I know i could use the presence plugin, but i’‘d prefer if it is done inside xmpp protocol, so i can use one single connection and start asking for a lot of people’'s presence. I think jabberd supports this.

Is this possible? If not, do you have in yout TODO list?

Could it be possible to adapt the Presence Plugin to do this, or it has nothing to do with that, since the presence plugin runs on the http server?

If it is not possible, i think i can also add this special “administrator” user to everyone’'s roster. But if i do it, would it be hard for the cache/database, since i plan to have thundreds of thousands of user (not connected at the same time, though)?

Thanks a lot for your help, and, also, thanks a lot for this great piece of software!!


you may want to use ad-hoc service commands, see JM-404 or the dev forum for more details.



I am now starting to develop a plugin to add a new ad-hoc command to request just one user’'s presence.

Thanks a lot for your help!!