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Wildfire command line tool

Oops! After getting Wildfire installed and being impressed with it I think I made a mistake. I chose Wildfire because of this list at jabber.org which said it had a commandline interface. Actually after not being able to find it I went back and re-read the list of features and it was ejabberd that had the commandline interface so I made a mistake and overlooked something important.

Before I jump ship (again) and move to a new jabber server is there any way at all that I can add users via a shell script? I don’‘t need to do anything else but add users and make sure they’‘re in the default global group. I’‘m willing hack it if I have to because Wildfire does look nice. I have a system where a machine who’‘s OS was created from a generic image is plugged into the network, accesses a server and changes it’'s hostname, user account and hopefully jabber id. That means from a shell script I need to add users to the Wildfire server and include them in the “Global Roster” .

My thoughts wander to using MySQL and adding data by redirecting to the mysql command. Also since I’‘m getting desperate I looked around to see if the embedded database is text and can’'t find it.

I realize I should have paid more attention to which jabber server had which features beforehand but I’'d like to stick with Wildfire if I can.

Can Smack and some Java code save me?


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Hey Grant,

You can create users, shared groups and add group members by using ad-hoc commands. Ad-hoc commands can be executed from a client where an administrator has logged in. You can certainly use Smack to create execute ad-hoc commands though you will need to use the latest beta and use the attached extension that adds support for ad-hoc commands in Smack.


– Gato

This stuff is so new that there aren’‘t a lot of examples on the internet although I’‘ve searched like nobody’'s business. Can anyone give me an example of how to do this or at least get me started. It seems feasible and after attempting to install ejabberd several times with no luck it looks like unless I want to invest more time into ejabberd I need to rely on using ad-hoc commands.

I noticed there are several cli jabber clients. Has anyone used any of these to send ad-hoc commands or does anyone know of any other method. Thanks.


Hi Grant,

http://www.xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0133.html has some examples.

You may use Smack 3.0 to write a java based cli client, using Spark’'s Ad-Hoc message support (F12) may be fine to test the commands.