Wildfire ,eclipse messup

HI all!

I am a new bie to wildfire,Trying to run/debug wildfire from eclipse while running a spark client.While preparing wildfire as an eclipse project i found following link very usefull


I have successfully built wildfire and created an eclipse project,defined all those settings for programe parameters and vm.

but after that i find no other usefull link for how to run wildfire from eclipse (obeviously i can use the defined runtime configurations) ,what i want to do here is

  1. Run wildfire from eclipse in debug mode

2)I should know what is the name of my server (i dont know from where i can get this information,please guide me for this)

  1. i should know the port on which wildfire is listening (i dont know from where i can get this information,please guide me for this)(i think it is 9090 corect me if i am wrong)

4)Run a spark client and create an account ,but for this once again i should know what is my server’'s name

  1. when i run wildfire server from eclipse i can see some console messages which tell me about whats going n in server

6)when i run spark client i shold be able to see whats going on in source code of wldfire for receiving and sending a message (since wildfire is already running in debug mode from eclipse.)

Please guide me in those pointsalso send me some good links usefull for wildfire development

Hi Sajjad,

I did write http://wiki.jivesoftware.org/display/WILDFIRE/BuildWildfirewith+Eclipse so you can take a look there.

If you have the feeling that somethin is missing please look in http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/message.jspa?messageID=112638 and post it here so the Wiki can be completed.