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Wildfire Error: "Could not find UserManager"


I installed Wildfire on Windows 2003 and JDK 1.5.

I use MySQL and create a database for wildfire :jivedb

I import wildfire_mysql.sql to jivedb

I launch the admin web page.

when changing admin account password, whatever I fill in the text box, the console of wildfire tell me: “Could not find UserManager”. of course I can’‘t finished it. I can’'t find any log info in logs yet.

By the way, I fill “admin” on “current password” text box.

Help and thanks.


The problem has been resolved.

At the begining, I set mysql url to : jdbc:mysql://myhost:3306/mydb?characterEncoding=utf-8. When I remove “?characterEncoding=utf-8", everything is ok.

it is ok