Wildfire - Exodus - File Transfer Problem


I am new in Jabber Technology so I hope you excuse my lack of knowledge and experience.

I set a Jabber server in my local network and all users are able to communicate and exchange files using Exodus jabber client.

My LAN is behind a firewall and a router with a static IP. Users from outside are able to communicate with users that are inside. But when it comes to file transfer the only thing that is transferred is the name of the file. The error message is:

?Exodus was unable to connect to any file transfer proxies or sender.?

In the Administration Console of wildfire I chose: Enabled- This server will act as a file transfer proxy on port 7777. Then I configured the router and the firewall to forward all the 7777 calls to the jabber server. Nothing.

Is it my firewall or do I have to change something to Exodus options?

Thank you for your timeā€¦!